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26 August 2010 @ 10:34 pm
Story of the Sangrail  
I was bored and I decided to create a master post of the series. Random yay.
This is a story about Arthurian Legends (sort of).

Warnings: slash (m/m relationship), reincarnation, my writing (yes, it's a warning ;_;), mention of serious illness, cancer, suicide, deathfic, mention of femslash (f/f relationship).

Beta readers: LADYKNIGHTANKA & OSMANDIAS (till the second chapter of the third story). Thank you!

Pairing: Galahad/Mordred (Gale/Moray in the 21st century)

Characters: Mordred (Moray), Galahad (Gale), Bors, Percival (Percy), Lancelot, Guinevere, Arthur, Agravaine

Plot: Galahad arrives at court and Mordred decides to destroy him and all his 'santity' but as in the best (or worst) romance stories there is something new between them. Unfortunately Galahad has to leave Camelot to seek the Grail and he dies on his quest. But the Grail is not the holy miracle everyone thinks, it's a creature, a parasite who feeds on people and stay with them, as a shadow, life after life.